About Us

Cox Furniture Manufacturing Company was founded in 1932 by William Cox, an industry pioneer who built the business on a unique marketing vision that focused the initial product offering on small-scale boudoir furniture. Upon his death in the early 1950s, long-time company employees formed a buying group dedicated to continuing the tradition and character of the American furniture manufacturer.

As the company continued to flourish and cultivate an exclusive, unique style the niche focus and vision expanded as we became a go-to source for traditional-style living room furniture and accent upholstery of refined style and renowned quality. Cox takes great pride in producing a fully American-made product with locally sourced materials, supporting local businesses throughout our community.

Culminating four expansions throughout the past 30 years, Cox Furniture Manufacturing now has its headquarters in a state-of-the-art operations center located in Hickory, North Carolina. Widely known and respected in the industry and among consumers for exceptional craftsmanship and custom programs the company holds a secure place as an American furniture manufacturer. Integrating traditional-style furniture for any room, unique accent furniture, and other distinguished seating pieces tailored specifically to the customer’s needs.