Sustainability Statement

Cox Furniture Manufacturing, with 80 years of rich history, is focusing more efforts than ever before to address sustainability issues to protect our environment and to be good stewards of our planet and natural resources.  By formulating action plans in conjunction with our vendors, we are constantly undergoing evaluation of processes to reduce paperwork, lower usage of energy and natural resources, eliminate unnecessary packaging and reduce our impact upon landfills and utilizing recycling without lowering of levels of service or quality to our customers.  Small steps; such as faxing or e-mailing correspondence, placement of recycling bins in our work and break areas, internal recycling of paper, cotton fibers, cardboard, leather scraps, and polyurethane foam utilized in our upholstery process, are some of the small but meaningful measures we have undertaken.  We look forward to the continuing challenge in this area and will continue to inform you, our customers and consumers, of our efforts.